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Modern Occupational Skills Tests - (MOST)

Second Edition
Author(s): Charles Johnson, Steve Blinkhorn, Robert Wood and Jonathan Hall
Publisher: ACER/GL Assessment, 2004
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Purpose: Assess a range of work skills

Age: 15+ years (without post-secondary education)

Time: 8-15 Minutes (per test)

Administration: Individual; Group

The Modern Occupational Skills Tests (MOST) series is a selection tool to be used when office based skills and aptitudes are required. The MOST is used with administrative staff, retail staff, supervisors, office personnel, junior management and store personnel.

The MOST consists of nine tests grouped into three levels of task complexity to cater for different literacy and numeracy requirements. Task specific tests have relevant exercises covering different types of jobs at varying levels of difficulty and no more than four tests are required for selecting candidates for a specific position.

Level 1

  1. Numerical Checking – ability to detect errors in numerical data
  2. Filing – ability to put records in correct places
  3. Verbal Checking - ability to detect errors in text

Level 2

  1. Numerical Awareness – arithmetical skills, both detection and correction of errors
  2. Spelling & Grammar – ability to detect errors of spelling and grammar in text
  3. Word Meanings – language comprehension and word choice

Level 3

  1. Numerical Estimation – ability to make quick and rough approximations to complex calculations
  2. Technical Checking – ability to detect errors when information has changed from one format to another
  3. Decision Making – ability to understand and apply rules, regulations and criteria in choosing between options

The MOST is ideal for assessing a wide range of individuals without qualifications to Year 12 and can be used as part of career development programs.

Norms are available for financial services applications, clerical staff, police force, first line manager applicants, trainee fire fighters, Years 11 – 13 and university students.


  • Test Pack: Includes 10 Test Booklets (test specific)
  • Test Takers Guide: Includes 10 Guides to help familiarise candidates with the assessment format (test specific)
  • Administration Pack: Includes an Admin Guide, Score Key, Test Booklet, Task Inventory and Test Record (test specific).

Please Note: Score keys are only available in Administration Packs.

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Author(s): Charles Johnson, Steve Blinkhorn, Robert Wood and Jonathan Hall