Author(s) : Marilyn J. Monteiro

Publisher : WPS, 2008

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The Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing Asperger's Syndrome (MIGDAS) provides an efficient, systematic way for evaluation teams to gather and organise the information needed to diagnose Asperger's Syndrome and differentiate various forms of high-functioning autism.

The MIGDAS uses a team-based model, as well as parent, teacher, and student interviews. This diagnostic process integrates multiple sources of information and expertise from various disciplines. A diagnosis arrived at through this process is therefore based on direct interaction with the student, parents, and teachers.

It provides a rich, detailed, qualitative description of the student's distinctive way of relating to the world. Accordingly, teams who use the MIGDAS gain a full understanding of the student and are well prepared to discuss their diagnostic impressions and recommendations with all parties involved.

The MIGDAS Kit includes:

  • Manual
  • 10 Pre-Interview Checklists
  • 10 Parent and Teacher Interview Booklets
  • 10 Diagnostic Student Interview Booklets
  • Autism Conversations (book)

Please Note:The MIGDAS Diagnostic Student Interview requires the use of common, sensory-based toys and materials. These are not provided in the Kit and must be sourced.

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