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MEIA-W Sigma Online Report - 2017 Update (pkg 10)

Author(s): Robert P. Tett, Alvin Wang,and Kevin E. Fox
Publisher: Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc., 2006
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The Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment-Workplace (MEIA-W) was designed to measure emotional intelligence (EI) in work settings. The context-relevant questions were customised for work settings and provide enhanced validity over other context-neutral EI measures.

The MEIA-W consists of 144 items that assess 10 distinct facets of emotional intelligence. The MEIA-W is the only trait-based, self-report measure of EI that captures all 10 facets of Salovey and Mayer's (1990) influential model of EI.

The MEIA-W can be administered in 20 minutes online via SIGMA's online platform - SigmaTesting.com. Reports are generated immediately, with results presented using graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and sample items that are insightful and easy to understand.

2017 Report Update - NEW!

The new MEIA-W report will feature:

  • Extended introduction providing more context for the measure
  • Description of MEIA-W dimension structure
  • Description of how to interpret scores accoring to three categorisations (Refine, Enhance, or Develop):
    • Detailed dimension definition
    • Relationship to performance
    • Implications of underutilisation or overutilization
    • Category for score on the that dimension
    • Feedback based on score level

MEIA-W 2017 Update Sample Report

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Author(s): Robert P. Tett, Alvin Wang,and Kevin E. Fox