Mapping the Organizational Psyche

A Jungian Theory of Organizational Dynamics and Change

ISBN13 : 9780935652697

Author(s) : John G. Corlett and Carol S. Pearson

Publisher : Center for Applications of Psychological Type

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Today's organisations face many challenges; change is occurring more rapidly than ever before, nations of the world continue to become more economically linked, and corporations are looking for partners, oftentimes in not so likely places. Traditional business strategies work, but to be truly effective a leader needs to understand the dynamics that take place beneath the surface, the things that are not so easily seen.

This book provides an exciting and innovative way to look at and better understand organisations. Based on the profound work of C.G. Jung, the authors present both theoretical and practical approaches for stakeholders to explore the organisational unconscious.

Practical solutions are presented through the concepts of archetypes. What story is your company living? Is it the path that needs to be taken?

When underlying dynamics within organisations are more clearly understood, change is more effectively managed. A workbook section is included to allow readers to assess their own organisations.

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John G. Corlett and Carol S. Pearson