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Author(s) : Mandy Brent

Publisher : ACER Press

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One in Eleven: Teaching Adolescents with a Language Learning Disability is a whole-school approach that identifies language learning disability (LLD) students and offers practical suggestions for teaching and learning strategies.

The emphasis on modifying the curriculum, especially in subject areas, and employing explicit teaching strategies for these students is supported by many case-study examples and the use of photocopy masters.

Working Together: Linking Skills and Curriculum for Adolescents with a Language Learning Disability significantly expands on the work of One in Eleven.

The needs of LLD students can be perceived by busy classroom teachers as just too hard to cater for. This book shows how the mainstream curriculum across Australia can be differentiated for the benefit of the entire ability range.

Cognitive and strategy instruction has been embedded into six units designed for mixed ability classrooms, covering the major disciplines of English, Mathematics, Science and History.

The Mandy Brent Set includes:

  • Working Together
  • One in Eleven
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