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MajorsPTI™ 2nd ed. Professional User's PDF eManual

Author(s): Mark Majors
Publisher: ACER Press, 2012
SKU code: EP029
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The Majors Personality Type Inventory - (Majors PTI™) is used to evaluate personality type and provide a psychological type code. It assesses psychological type by measuring the individual's self-reported level of similarity with various phrases or word descriptions.

Available as both a pen-and-paper and online assessment, the MajorsPTI™ reports preferences on the four familiar type code dichotomies, with two opposing preferences on each dichotomy:

  1. I/E: Introversion/Extroversion
  2. N/S: Intuition/Sensing
  3. F/T: Feeling/Thinking
  4. P/J: Perception/Judgement

The MajorsPTI™ 2nd ed. Professional User's PDF eManual provides information on:

  • Introduction to Psychological Measurement
  • History of the Four-Letter Type Code
  • Features of the Majors PTI™)
  • Administration
  • Scoring
  • Interpretation - Using the Personality and Professional's Report
  • Application
  • Majors/Jungian 8-Process Scores

The Manual is essential for both pen-and-paper and online administration, scoring and interpretation.

Please note: **This is an electronic download (PDF) of the Manual. It is also available as a hard copy if preferred.

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Author(s): Mark Majors