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Majors Personality Type Inventory (Majors PTI)

Author(s): Mark Majors
Publisher: ACER Press, 2012
SKU code: PG_PTI


Purpose: To evaluate personality type and provide a psychological type code

Age: 15+ years

Time: Untimed (approximately 10 to 15 minutes)

Administration: Individual and group

The Majors Personality Type Inventory (MajorsPTI) is used to evaluate personality type and provide a psychological type code. It assesses psychological type by measuring the individual's self-reported level of similarity with various phrases or word descriptions. The phrases and word descriptors (items) are arranged in pairs that provide a choice between psychological opposites.

The MajorsPTI inventories information from the individual and that information provides an indication of his or her type.

The MajorsPTI reports preferences on the four familiar type code dichotomies, with two opposing preferences on each dichotomy:

  1. I/E: Introversion/Extroversion
  2. N/S: Intuition/Sensing
  3. F/T: Feeling/Thinking
  4. P/J: Perception/Judgement

Also available is the Majors PT-Elements. The Majors PT-Elements provides extensive information regarding an individual's type, individual differences with type, strengths and challenges to type expression, and the development and use of the eight Jungian mental functions.

Sample Online MajorsPTI Personality Report

Sample Online MajorsPTI Professional’s Report

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Author(s): Mark Majors
About the Author(s):

Dr Mark S. Majors is a counselling psychologist with extensive psychometric credentials. He is the author and developer of the MajorsPTI and Majors PT-Elements.

He provided the data analysis on the 1994 Strong Interest Inventory and the MBTI Form M and Form Q, developed the IRT scoring for the MBTI Form Q, and co-authored the MBTI Form Q Manual.

He has developed and presents leadership training seminars that train leaders to serve others by using personality and individual differences to facilitate optimum performance.

He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in psychology from Iowa State University and his PhD in counselling psychology from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.