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Little Learners Love Literacy Bingo Games: Stage Plus 4

ISBN13: 9780994638342
Author(s): Maureen Pollard
Publisher: Learning Logic, 2017
SKU code: 702MILO
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Little Learners Love Literacy is a complete literacy program to teach children to read, spell and write with confidence. Learning to read fluently is vital for children’s success in school.

Bingo Games: Stages Plus 4 consolidates the phonemes and graphemes taught in Little Learners Love Literacy Stages 1 - 4.

It explicitly teaches two letters, one sound (- ll, ss, ff) and simple one syllable words with a short vowel phoneme.

Adding 's' to CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words introduces morphology, for example, dog + s (dogs), run + s (runs).

Another great Bingo game to practise single word reading!

Use Bingo Games: Stages Plus 4 to:

  • Practise reading words ending in ll, ss, ff
  • Practise reading words with and without a final 's'
  • Practise reading decodable words from the Little Learners Love Literacy Pip and Tim books (Stage Plus 4)
  • Build word fluency
  • Increase reading confidence
  • Enjoy playing word games
Author(s): Maureen Pollard