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Little Learners Love Literacy

Author(s): Maureen Pollard
Publisher: Learning Logic


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Little Learners Love Literacy is a complete literacy program to teach children to read, spell and write with confidence. Learning to read fluently is vital for children’s success in school.

Little Learners Love Literacy incorporates an explicit, multi-sensory approach that supports the explicit and sequential teaching of literacy skills. It teaches phonemic awareness – the ability to hear sounds in words, segment and blend sounds, as well as syllabification.

Children start 'reading' real stories once they know the first 8 'sounds' introduced in the Milo's Birthday Surprise storybook. Parents and teachers are supported with additional resources such as the Milo Activity Book and Milo's Read and Grab games.

Many schools have introduced Little Learners as their core Foundation year literacy program to ensure children have a successful start. Getting it right from the beginning is crucial to future success and confidence.

Quack from Little Learners Readers Stage 6 was nominated in the 'Best Book for Language and Literacy Development: 5 to 8 years' category for the 2014 Australian Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards. 

Author(s): Maureen Pollard
About the Author(s):

Maureen Pollard is a literacy consultant, teacher and writer who works with teachers, schools and parents to help children learn to read, spell and write with confidence.

Her workshops focus on explicit strategies to develop phonemic awareness and alphabetic knowledge. Maureen has developed her SoundCheck resources and Little Learners Love Literacy from evidence-based literacy research and a lifetime of teaching literacy skills in England, Spain, South Africa and Australia. Teachers find her approach practical and easy to use in classrooms.