Leading 21st-Century Schools

ISBN13 : 9781412972956

Publisher : SAGE, 2009

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Today's schools have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to help students achieve academically and prepare for their futures in the 21st century. Written for school leaders, administrators, and technology directors, this user-friendly guide describes how to develop and lead effective schools that meet the needs of 21st-century learners, integrate new technology into teaching and learning, and realize measurable performance improvement.

Aligned to the newly updated National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators ( NETS.A), this resource helps educators develop an actionable plan for introducing new technology, managing change, and building support across the school community and beyond. The authors emphasize 21st-century skills such as collaboration, communication, and creationeativity and provide:

  • Descriptions of Web 2.0 tools - including wikis, blogs, social networks, and many others - and their applications for creative, innovative instruction
  • Strategies for effective use of technology within and across pre-school to Sixth form content areas
  • Personal stories from leaders of technologically advanced and nationally recognized schools
  • An overview of relevant legal, ethical, and safety considerations
  • Recommended activities and resources within every chapter

Lead your team in developing a true 21st-century school that opens up new avenues for teacher-student collaboration and achievement.

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