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Leadership Resource Pack

A great starting point for school leaders
Publisher: ACER Press
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Equip your school leaders with ACER's best-selling leadership resources.

1. How to Get Your School Moving and Improving
Highlighting relevant research involving educators and students in many schools across a variety of countries, this book cuts through the clouds of 'fashion, fad, jargon and ideology' to show what research has revealed about what really works and adds value to Australian schools in the twenty-first century.

2. Why Not the Best Schools?
Why not the Best Schools? offers a ten-point, ten-year plan for an education revolution that will result in the transformation of Australia's schools. It is drawn from a major research project undertaken by Brain Caldwell and Jessica Harris involving studies of successful schools in six countries (Finland, Wales, Australia, USA, China, England).

3. Learning for Leadership
Learning for Leadership explores how school principals can initiate and maintain programs and practices to develop the leadership potential of teachers in their school at different levels (within schools, teacher leadership, co-leadership of school-to-school networks).

4. Towards a Moving School
In Towards a Moving School, two leading educational experts examine the theory and practice behind schools with strong learning and performance cultures.

5. A Collective Act: Leading a small School
A Collective Act: Leading a Small School is a resource for practising leaders of small schools. It provides a dynamic interaction between what the research says about small school leadership and what serving principals suggest are key challenges, and how these are being addressed in practical, creative and innovative ways.

6. Pathways to School System Improvement
Pathways to School System Improvement provides invaluable reading for educators who want access to effective strategies for implementing school system improvement.

7. The Power of Many
The Power of Many emphasises how a new paradigm must work to retain those who are already in the job, but must also act to encourage potential candidates to apply for the job.

8. Reimagining Educational Leadership
Re-imagining Educational Leadership will challenge policy makers at all levels to re-imagine educational leadership. It will help reshape educational leadership in school systems around the world at a time when policymakers seem to be losing faith in what schools can accomplish.

9. Enabling Learning: Crucial Work for the School Leader
Of the many complex challenges that confront school leaders (including teacher leaders as well as principals), the challenge to achieve continuing improvement in student learning outcomes is the most important. How do school leaders go about meeting this crucial challenge successfully? Central to their approach, this paper asserts, is the concept of enabling learning.

10. Keys to School Leadership
Moving from negotiation to collaboration, from empowerment to succession and from leadership to influence, Keys to School Leadership embeds a critically reflective mindset for all school-based employees who lead or who aspire to lead.