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Leadership of Place

Stories from Schools in the US, UK and South Africa
ISBN13: 9781441149114
Author(s): Kathryn Riley
SKU code: 9781441149114
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The notion of 'place' is a powerful one: the place where we are from; the place where we live; the place where we would like to be. It raises issues of identity and belonging (or lack of it), and about roots and connections (or lack of them).

In a world that is more uncertain, more liquid, less known, place matters. This engaging and accessible book is the first of its kind to look at the role of place in schools and in the lives of young people today. Drawing on original research from the US, UK and South Africa, Kathryn Riley poses some tough questions to the practitioners who lead our schools, and to the politicians who decide the fate of our schools:

  • Can schools create a space for young people to be safe and confident in who they are?
  • Can they help them find their place in the world and understand how to shape it?
Author(s): Kathryn Riley