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Language Activity Resource Kit - Second Edition (LARK-2)

Author(s): Richard A. Dressler
Publisher: Pro-Ed USA, 2005
SKU code: PG_LARK-2


Purpose: For use in language therapy with adults who have moderate to severe language disorders

Age: 18+ (adults)

Time: Untimed

The Language Activity Resource Kit 2nd. ed (LARK-2) provides materials that are useful in therapy addressing right hemisphere dysfunction and in speech production tasks aimed at improving intelligibility.

The LARK-2 objects are associated with specific actions, making them helpful in treating patients with aphasia and other language deficiencies resulting from brain trauma or neurological disorders.

Without subscribing to any particular theory or approach, the LARK-2 materials help the patient achieve a functional level of communication. These activities represent a small number of the communicative activities that allow the language-impaired patient to achieve independence.

  • Can be used to enhance comprehension and expression in general and to help the language-impaired patient with functional communication
  • The therapy suggestions emphasise the use of strategies to compensate for any handicapping condition
  • The materials are functional and can be used with patients of all levels of severity
  • The versatile materials allow you to draw on various approaches, methods, and techniques to restore patients' ability to communicate effectively.



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Author(s): Richard A. Dressler