Keys to School Leadership

A practical guide for current and aspiring school leaders

ISBN13 : 9781742860213

Author(s) : Phil Ridden and John De Nobile

Publisher : ACER Press, 2012

SKU : A5247BK

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Moving from negotiation to collaboration, from empowerment to succession and from leadership to influence, Keys to School Leadership embeds a critically reflective mindset for all school-based employees who lead or who aspire to lead.

Keys to School Leadership provides a compelling and timely review of the fundamental principles underpinning leadership success in schools today.

Phil Ridden and John De Nobile apply a fresh, innovative and contemporary approach to the meaning of school leadership, the notion of team leadership and the implications for practice. They engage with emerging issues and anticipate future trends, taking the concept of leadership beyond the classroom, beyond the school and into the wider community.

Key Features

  • Each chapter contains practical 'Reflect', 'Shift the Focus', 'Make it Personal', and 'Case Study' sections that scaffold the developing themes, encouraging the reader to adapt and relate the material to their own specific context and circumstance
  • The theory-based 'Further Investigation' sections provide a range of pertinent resources for those wishing to learn more.
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Dr Phil Ridden has held teaching and leadership roles in government and independent primary and secondary schools. A recently retired principal, he is the author of several books on school management.

Dr John De Nobile's career has included roles as teacher, educational auditor and member of school leadership teams. He is currently a senior lecturer in education at Macquarie University, Sydney.