Keys to Caregiving Program

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Keys to Caregiving is a research based program that provides important information on newborn and infant behaviour. It includes information on infant cues, infant states, state modulation and the importance of the feeding interaction.

The Keys to Caregiving Program:

  • Increases both provider and caregiver's knowledge of the infant's abilities
  • Builds confidence and competence in parent/caregiver's care of their infants
  • Assists providers in effectively sharing this knowledge with parents

The program is designed for health care professionals working in the community - Public Health Nurses, Hospital Nurses, Infant Caregivers, Paediatricians, Social Workers, Childcare Providers and Infant Mental Health Specialists.

Learning the content occurs best in a group setting with an identified leader but videos can be viewed on your own with the Keys to Caregiving study guide. The program is divided into six classes with background reading, video examples and practice sessions to enhance your understanding and reinforce your learning.

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