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KEY into Reorganisation

Author(s): Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool
Publisher: Triune Initiatives, 2011
SKU code: PG_990KIR


KEY into Reorganisation provides an extensive range of original material that is designed to demonstrate (model) how reorganisation works.

It is structured into three graded levels:

  1. Level One – Students with a decoding age of 8–10 years
  2. Level Two – Students with a decoding age of 10–12 years
  3. Level Three – Students with a decoding age of 12–14 years

Each level is designed to explicitly teach the skill of reorganising text. Reorganisation is similar to literal comprehension in that the clues are found directly in the text. However, unlike literal, the clues are separated.  Reorganisation then, is the reading skill of reconstructing two or more pieces of information contained in the text to form a complete idea.

At each level reorganisation is introduced with single paragraphs. Models demonstrate joining/grouping separated information.

There are 2 main reorganisation types:

  1. Joined information
  2. Grouped information

and 4 sub-types:

  1. Joined with referent (they, these, them, we, it, her, his etc.)
  2. Grouped with referent
  3. Grouped with elimination
  4. Grouped with calculation (assists in reading math problems)

The KEY comprehension series is directly linked to PROBE 2 question types of reorganisation, inference, evaluation & reaction.

 Guide & Answer Sample Pages 

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Author(s): Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool