Jousting for the New Generation

ISBN13 : 9780864317346

Author(s) : David Loader

Publisher : ACER Press, 2007

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Addressing a range of contemporary issues in education, Jousting for the New Generation encourages critical dialogue about prevailing educational cultures.

The 'jousts' as referred to by David Loader, are challenges to the status quo, written to encourage verbal repartee, argument and counter-argument.

Jousting for the New Generation is presented as a collection of essays, with contributions from educators such as Amanda McGraw (Senior Lecturer, School of Education, University of Ballarat), and is indented to inspire educators and those who work in schools to generate spirited discussion.

The book contains 'jousts' on:

  • The class that matters
  • Student-initiated learning
  • Alternative structures
  • Dare we allow schools to be different?
  • Punishment or reform?
  • Principal isolation
  • Being human: A leader's weakness or strength?
  • Educational fashion or contemporary imperative
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