JI-R Scoring Templates

Author(s) : C. Jesness

Publisher : MHS, 2003

SKU : 300JIR

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The Jesness Inventory-Revised (JI-R) is a comprehensive, self-report measure of personality and psychopathology that is applicable to children and adolescents with more severe behavioural problems, and with whom violence potential is a concern.

Conventional scores are provided for the 11 subtypes, while classification scores are provided for the 9 personality subtypes. An Asocial Index score is also provided.

Results from the JI-R provide valuable insight into the potential causes of certain behaviours. It is particularly useful when differentiating between social maladjustment and emotional disturbance.

The JI-R Scoring Templates are keys that are placed, one at a time, on top of the Response Form. Scale raw scores are obtained by counting the number of Xs that can be seen through the templates.

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C. Jesness

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