JI-R QuickScore Response Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : C. Jesness

Publisher : MHS, 2003

SKU : 600JIR

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The Jesness Inventory-Revised (JI-R) is a comprehensive, self-report measure of personality and psychopathology that is applicable to children and adolescents with more severe behavioural problems, and with whom violence potential is a concern.

Conventional scores are provided for the 11 subtypes, while classification scores are provided for the 9 personality subtypes. An Asocial Index score is also provided.

Results from the JI-R provide valuable insight into the potential causes of certain behaviours. It is particularly useful when differentiating between social maladjustment and emotional disturbance.

The JI-R QuickScore Response Form is professional-completed and includes the necessary elements for scoring the instrument. The QuikScore forms contain special aids that make scoring of the test very quick and efficient, while minimizing potential for key errors.

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C. Jesness

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