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Inspire Science 2.0 Grade 3: Basic Student Bundle

ISBN13: 9780076794584
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill Education
SKU code: E899
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Learning begins with curiosity.

Inspire Science is designed to help you spark students’ interest and empower them to ask more questions, think more critically, and maximize their ability to creatively solve problems.

Inspire Science lessons are designed with the familiar and proven 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate). Each lesson also comes with an easy-to-follow process so you know exactly what comes next.

It offers multiple inquiry activities and investigations at the module and lesson levels. Hands-on activities and performance tasks provide students the opportunity to expand content knowledge and demonstrate skills in science and engineering. Deeper conceptual understanding of science and engineering is also supported through digital simulations and game-based learning.

Inspire Science 2.0 Grade 3: Basic Student Bundle includes a print Be a Scientist Notebook and 1 year online subcription to the Student Learning Center.

Be a Scientist Notebook

Problem-solving activity book that lets students practice being real scientists and engineers by presenting creative solutions to real-world problems.

  • Real-world projects and activities that focus on science and engineering practices
  • Contains informational text readings for grades 3-5
  • CCSS math and literacy concepts integrated with many activities and projects
  • Specific wayfinding instructions to guide students through hands-on activities
  • Student journaling.

Digital Student Center

Students will have tools and resources at their fingertips, accessible anytimemaking learning engaging and fun.

  •     Digital student center include flashcards with audio, dynamic search tools, text highlighting,and more
  •     Available access to student resources anytime
  •     Access to helpful tool such as resource library, glossary, and notebook
  •     Student hone close reading, writing, and communications kills, develop solution to rea-world challenges, while learning about existing learning content.

Student Center subscriptions are set up within a working week. Any Freight charges for print items are included in the price.