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HR Resource Pack

Understand personality types, styles and the human resource testing
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Equip your organisation with a range of best-selling HR resources to facilitate understanding and development of your employees.

1. Facets of Type
Facets of Type provides easily read directions and questions to enhance personal and interpersonal creativity and effectiveness. The activities in this book were compiled to enable you to purposefully increase your awareness of and ability to appropriately use the mental skills associated with each of the 16Type preferences.

2. Quick Guide to Human Resource Testing
The Quick Guide to Human Resource Testing is a reference guide for HR practitioners who use or plan to use assessment instruments in any context. It includes explanations, tips, case studies and suggestions to help practitioners get the most out of their HR testing.

3. Communication Cards - 4 Temperaments V3.0
Designed specifically for practitioners who use the four temperaments and the 16 types to give to their participants as takeaways, this Communication Card is a quick aid to help your participants identify other people's temperament pattern as well as provides a great visual for "Things-in-Common".

4. Communication Cards - Jungs Cognitive Processes
This laminated card is designed specifically for practitioners who want their clients to understand how the 16 personality types link to the 8 Jungian cognitive processes.

5. Functions of Type: Activities to Develop the 8 Jungian Processes
Functions of Type: Activities to Develop the Eight Jungian Functions provides you with activities you can use to strengthen your mental data-collection and decision-making skills.

6. Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments & Creativity
The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Creativity was written for you to easily access your natural creative abilities and to support their use in service of innovation. Innovation starts with creativity--using new ideas and new criteria to arrive at surprisingly relevant results.

7. Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments & Change
The Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Change helps readers navigate change using two tools: The first tool is a step-by-step process for navigating change, and the second tool is an understanding and appreciation of individual differences. When readers use these two tools-a process to navigate change and an understanding of individual differences-they are able to navigate change effectively.

8. Understanding Yourself & Others
The four interaction styles are patterns of behaviour that have been described by many over the years. Each style has a theme-centered internal drive that helps set the boundaries of our comfort zone in the chaotic world of interpersonal relationships. Understanding Yourself and Others reveals the four fundamental interaction style patterns for you to "try on" in your search for understanding yourself (and others). Within these patterns are clues to the "how" of our behaviours.