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How To Understand and Support Children with Dyspraxia

ISBN: 978-1855033818
Author(s): Lois Addy
Publisher: LDA, 2004
SKU code: 1818BK
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How To Understand and Support Children with* Dyspraxia* is an invaluable resource for teachers, teaching assistants and therapists. This practical book offers a wealth of ideas and strategies to support children with dyspraxia, which is difficulty in controlling voluntary movements of the vocal chords, resulting in an inability to control sequences of sounds or gestures.

With over twenty years experience, Lois Addy emphasises the importance of understanding dyspraxia in order to provide effective support for children with co-ordination and perceptual difficulties.

The book includes:

  • What to look out for to recognise children with Dyspraxia
  • Useful checklists for identification and details on the needs and difficulties faced by children with Dyspraxia
  • Ideas for support across the curriculum in particular the areas of handwriting, numeracy, PE, reading and social skills
  • Frequently asked questions about Dyspraxia - and the answers
  • A section of photocopiable resources.

Written in an accessible style, this book provides essential support to help educators and therapists understand and support children with Dyspraxia.

Author(s): Lois Addy
About the Author(s):

Lois Addy is a paediatric occupational therapist and has over twenty years experience of working with children with dyspraxia. She currently works at York St John College, University of Leeds as a senior lecturer in professional health studies.