How to Manage Children's Challenging Behaviour 2nd Ed

ISBN13 : 9781848606852

Publisher : SAGE, 2009

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In this new edition of his bestselling book, Bill Rogers brings together contributions from practising teachers that suggest ways to tackle disruptive and challenging behaviour. Bill introduces and comments on each chapter, setting out key principles for behaviour leadership in the style that makes him such a popular author.

There are numerous case studies drawn from practice, each showing how the teacher manages the situation and what the outcome was: these examples from practice highlight the difference teachers can make to their students' behaviour, attitude, self-esteem and peer acceptance. Chapters look at: finding a way back from inappropriate behaviour; dealing with very challenging behaviour on a daily basis; creating a peaceful school and developing positive practice.

New material in this book includes:

  • new case studies
  • more analysis of actions taken and skills used when managing challenging behaviour
  • a new chapter on working with confrontational and angry parents
  • opportunities for reflection, to encourage discussion with colleagues
  • managing anger in ourselves and our children

The direct, practical and inspirational nature of these accounts will resonate with all teachers and school support staff working with any age group. Based on the everyday experiences of the teachers who have written them, these are teachers' accounts offering sound advice and guidance to fellow professionals.

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