Go Away Mr Worrythoughts!

ISBN13 : 9780980449105

Author(s) : Nicky Johnston

Publisher : Nicky Johnston, 2008

SKU : 5197BK

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Go Away Mr Worrythoughts! is an illustrated story book used to help encourage children to manage and overcome their anxiety.

The story follows Bayden: Bayden is an intelligent, confident and courageous boy. Yet he is often overwhelmed by his worry thoughts. His anxiety makes his life quite unbearable at times. See how Bayden discovers his superpowers, takes control and is able to live free and happy!

Go Away Mr Worrythoughts! is a great resource for addressing anxiety in children, and can be used by parents, teachers and clinicians.

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Nicky Johnston is a primary educator and children's book author and illustrator. She is the author of Happythoughts are Everywhere and Go Away Mr Worrythoughts!, both available from ACER.