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Future Proofing Your Child

ISBN13: 9780670076277
Author(s): Kathy Walker
Publisher: Penguin Australia
SKU code: 5371BK
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Life is full of highs and lows and as our children grow up you can't always be there to help them navigate their emotions or situations. This book tells parents, in very practical terms, what you can do from birth to twelve to ensure your children have their best chance at coping with life.

We are so intensely involved in keeping our children happy in the present that we don't consider what this means for their emotional state in the future. Teens and young adults are especially vulnerable to peer pressure and mental health issues, but you can give your children the tools to prepare them for independent, safe, happy teenage years and beyond. Learn how important it is to establish boundaries, discipline and good role models so that children can develop the necessary qualities to deal with whatever comes their way.

It's all about guiding your children to make good decisions, forge good relationships, respect other people, have good communication skills, develop self-discipline and motivation, and develop resilience and emotional intelligence.

Author(s): Kathy Walker