Focus on Fathering

Author(s) : Edited by Robin Sullivan

Publisher : ACER Press, 2003

SKU : 9780864314659

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Being a father in contemporary Australia is challenging. With many factors shaping the way fatherhood is perceived and the way fathers behave, there is no longer a clear definition of a father's (or mother's) role. What remains constant is the important role that parents play in the lives of their children.

Focus on Fathering takes an informative and challenging look at fathering and what it means to be a father.

It discusses the fascinating, moving and often contradictory role in which Australian men find themselves as fathers and looks at issues such as:

  • What is a good father these days?
  • What is it fathers provide that is so influential to a child's development?
  • Is fathering importantly different to mothering?
  • Is it a role that a single mother or a substitute parent can take?
  • What do fathers and children say?
  • What do women think?

Practitioners share their research and experiences of working with fathers and explore many aspects of fathering including the role they play in a child's life, stereotypes, issues and the pressures they face.

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Edited by Robin Sullivan