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Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR™)

Author(s): Steven G. Feifer, DEd; Professional Manual by Steven G. Feifer, DEd, and Rebecca Gerhardstein Nader, PhD
Publisher: PAR, 2019


Purpose: Examine the underlying cognitive and linguistic processes that support proficient reading skills

Age: 5–21 years

Time: 35 minutes for PK; 60 minutes for K-Grade 1; 75 minutes for Grade 2+;

The Feifer Assessment of Reading (FAR™) is a comprehensive assessment of reading and related processes. It is unique in that it helps you determine the examinee's specific subtype of dyslexia to inform decisions about appropriate interventions.

The FAR™ can be used for an array of purposes, including:

  • General screening of dyslexia
  • Progress monitoring of discrete skills for school systems operating in an RTI paradigm
  • Diagnosis of a learning disability as part of a comprehensive psychological evaluation
  • Design of a deficit- or skill-specific intervention.

Examinees in prekindergarten take eight subtests, examinees in kindergarten to Grade 1 take 11 subtests, and examinees in Grade 2+ take 14 subtests. You can choose to administer the full battery or, for a shorter administration time, only the subtests associated with an individual reading index, or individual subtests.

The FAR™ tells you why a student struggles to read so that you can determine how to intervene.

Key Features

  • Addresses four specific subtypes of dyslexia: dysphonetic dyslexia, surface dyslexia, mixed dyslexia, and reading comprehension deficits.
  • Comprises 15 individual subtests measuring various aspects of vocabulary, phonological awareness, decoding skills, rapid automatic naming, orthographical processing, morphological processing, word memory, reading fluency (word and story; silent and oral), and comprehension skills.
  • Enables you to conduct an item-level skills and error analysis of the examinee's scores on specific subtests and to take a more in-depth look at his or her reading-related behaviors.
  • A separate screening form is designed to identify children at risk for developmental dyslexia and measure the underlying processes of reading. Learn more about the FAR Screening Form.
  • Five index scores are generated: the Phonological Index, the Fluency Index, the Comprehension Index, the Mixed Index (a composite of Phonological and Fluency index scores), and the FAR Total Index (a composite of all subtest scores).
  • Reliable change and discrepancy scores can be calculated.

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Author(s): Steven G. Feifer, DEd; Professional Manual by Steven G. Feifer, DEd, and Rebecca Gerhardstein Nader, PhD