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Everybody's Different

A positive approach to teaching about health, puberty, body image, nutrition, self-esteem and obesity prevention
ISBN13: 9780864317735
Author(s): Dr. Jenny O'Dea
Publisher: ACER Press 2007
SKU code: A1060BK
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Weight and body image concerns in children and adolescents are increasing. Overall body dissatisfaction in young people has increased dramatically in the last few decades, with a heightened prevalence of dieting, eating disorders, obsessive exercise and steroid abuse.

Everybody's Different allows teachers and mental health practitioners to apply a planned approach to issues in an informed, positive and effective manner for body sensitive young people.

Everybody's Different details how to apply a proven self-esteem approach in schools, community settings and clinical situations to improve body image conceptions, prevent eating disorders and obesity, and foster health, nutrition and physical activity in young people.

Adopting a whole-school approach and based on 16 years of research and teacher training, this book contains:

  • Case studies
  • Research outcomes
  • Classroom activities
  • Worksheets, games and word puzzles
  • Teacher training
  • Community links
Author(s): Dr. Jenny O'Dea
About the Author(s):

Dr Jenny O'Dea is a dietician, health and nutrition education researcher and Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney.