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Publisher: AlphaMeasure


EngagedMetrics is an employee engagement survey platform that provides deep insight into the employee engagement and satisfaction levels within your organisation. Use EngagedMetrics to examine the challenges and issues driving employee engagement. Design a project based on your company's strategy, organisational goals, and strategic objectives.

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the level to which employees are committed to the organisation, feel invested and valued in their jobs, and are dedicated to the success of the company.

Roadmap to Measuring Employee Engagement

Engaged Employees Improve Your Bottom Line

The fact is that no matter how engaged, involved, or otherwise efficient a manager is at their post, they are one person. Two heads are better than one. Taking a proactive approach by asking for input from all employees has massive benefits, and not just including a fresh perspective to problems. Here are a few:

  • Reduce employee turnaround by listening to the suggestions of employees
  • Everyone like to feel that they are a valued employee
  • Improve procedures (every little bit of efficiency counts-especially when scaled)
  • Spark innovation

Employee Engagement Does More than Increase Productivity

There are a few ways that employee engagement adds to your business in more ways than the obvious benefits of increased productivity. It makes the time employees spend inside the doors of your business happier, healthier, and more likely to stay with your organisation.
It makes the people who interact with your company:

  • Happier
  • More likely to feel as though their money was spent well
  • More likely to return as a client or customer
  • More likely to be in a better mood while they interact with other people throughout the rest of their day
  • More likely to refer friends, family members and co workers
  • More likely to leave a positive review online

An Example of How Employee Engagement Adds More Than Productivity

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who just had an interaction with an engaged employee. Imagine just being helped by an employee of a company who seemed to ‘go the extra mile’ for you. They listened to you. They used their creativity and thought power to suggest a better solution than you had even imagined. Imagine what you think about the company after that interaction.

Feature Highlights

  • Measure Employee Engagement
    Use the EngagedMetrics platform to design and deploy a custom employee engagement survey aligned to your organisational strategy, company goals, and strategic objectives.
  • Core Competencies
    Choose from EngagedMetrics' extensive core competency catalog to examine engagement levels around specific organisational topics. Build your project around the core competencies most pertinent to your company.
  • Enterprise Analytics
    EngagedMetrics' powerful and flexible reporting dashboard provides deep insight into the overall health of your company, as well as measures specific organisational topics driving employee engagement.
  • Benchmarking Reports
    See how your organisation stacks up against other companies in the EngagedMetrics benchmarking system. Get benchmarking scores for all aspects of the EngagedMetrics platform.

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