Early Years Coping Cards - Cards

ISBN13 : 9780864318558

Author(s) : Erica Frydenberg and Jan Deans

Publisher : ACER Press, 2011


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The Early Years Coping Cards provide clinicians and educators with a visual tool to help focus the attention of either individual children or groups of children on a range of challenging everyday situations that may cause uncertainty or fear, and on strategies for coping with these.

The tool is primarily used to develop coping strategies and stimulate conversations about coping within various situations. Cards can relate to 'real-life' events (situation cards) or present visual cues about the different ways in which children may respond to the situations presents (coping cards).

Suitable for use with children from 4-8 years of age, the Early Years Coping Cards are available for individual purchase, including a set of Situation Cards (9) and a set of Coping Cards (22).

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Erica Frydenberg and Jan Deans