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Don't Take It So Literally

Reproducible Activities for Teaching Idioms
Author(s): Danielle M. Legler
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Don't Take It So Literally teaches sixty different idioms. The concrete meaning of each idiom is humorously illustrated so that students may easily recognise the inappropriateness of a literal interpretation.

Students acquire understanding of the idioms by completing activities presented at three levels of difficulty:

  • Level 1: Serves to introduce the idioms and stimulate discussion
  • Level 2: Reinforces the meaning of each idiom
  • Level 3: Permits assessment of the degree of learning that has occurred

Designed for teaching higher-level language skills, these materials are appropriate for use with language impaired, learning disabled, mildly mentally handicapped, hearing impaired and regular education students, as well as with individuals learning English as a second language.

Author(s): Danielle M. Legler