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Discussions in Science

Promoting conceptual understanding in the middle school years
ISBN13: 9781742860343
Author(s): Tim Sprod
Publisher: ACER Press, 2011
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Encourage your students to go beyond learning scientific facts and skills, to an in-depth collaborative inquiry into scientific concepts, the nature of science, the ethical implications of science and the links between science and their everyday lives.

The first section of Discussions in Science explains the theoretical basis for the approach used, citing research into teaching for understanding, cognitive acceleration in science education, constructivist pedagogies and the power of classroom discussion.

The second section presents a wide range of purpose written stories to read with your class and discuss. In each story, the young protagonists discuss their experiences in science, trying to make sense of their world. They raise scientific conceptual puzzles, methodological concerns and issues relating science beyond the classroom.

Notes, exercises, discussion guides and suggestions for follow-up activities show you how to deepen your teaching of science, and to lead students into a more thorough exploration of scientific concepts, methods and implications.

Author(s): Tim Sprod