Create Your Own Happy

ISBN13 : 9780008301217

Author(s) : Penny Alexander. Illustrated by Clare Forrest & Becky Goddard-Hill

Publisher : Harper Collins, 2018

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This illustrated activity book empowers children to shape their lives, and the lives of others around them, by taking practical, positive steps towards their own happiness and positive self esteem.

Discover everything happy with this interactive, fun activity book. From speaking in front of your class to standing up for others; making your own happy playlist, making to paying kindness forward, learn how to Create Your Own Happy!

For increasingly independent thinkers and proactive young people, Create Your Own Happy gives them a handle on their own emotional wellbeing to best equip them with confidence for the everyday challenges of life and school. They'll learn about the inspiring and surprising science behind emotions along the way, carry out activities with family or independently, and most importantly, find ideas for expressing themselves.

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Penny Alexander. Illustrated by Clare Forrest & Becky Goddard-Hill