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CPPS Online Rating Forms and Reports (25)

Author(s): Milton J. Dehn
Publisher: Schoolhouse Educational Services
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The Children's Psychological Processes Scale (CPPS) is an online assessment designed to identify psychological processing deficits in children (5-12 years) referred for a learning disability (LD) evaluation. An entirely online assessment, the CPPS is also suitable for screening and progress monitoring.

Online scoring and reporting is completed via Online Rating Forms/Reports. The reports include a brief narrative, a graph of confidence interval bands, a score summary table that includes change-sensitive W scores, and a discrepancy table for determining strengths and weaknesses.

CPPS Online Rating Forms and Reports allow completion of the form by a teacher. Once Online Rating Forms and Reports have been purchased, the CPPS system sends an e-mail to the teacher whose ratings you wish to obtain.

The clinicians will then be notified by e-mail when those ratings have been completed, after which they are able to get scores and generate reports.

Alternately, clinicians can print the online rating form and provide it manually to the teacher if he or she cannot access the CPPS account online.

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Author(s): Milton J. Dehn