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Corrective Reading B1 Comprehension

Publisher: SRA McGraw Hill, 2007


The Corrective Reading Series focuses on decoding and comprehension, two skills crucial for readers in grades 3 and up who are one or more years behind. It addresses the wide range of deficits many older learners face and gives them the structure and practice they need to overcome those deficits.

The Corrective Reading B1 Comprehension strand teaches students to write, think, and speak.

Key Features

  • Contains multiple entry points so students can start at their appropriate skill levels
  • Using direct instruction strategies this comprehensive intervention program covers two major strands and four levels to address reading problems.
  • Tightly sequenced lessons provide the structure and practice struggling readers need to master high-priority skills and strategies
  • Briskly paced, teacher-directed instruction and special presentation techniques engage reluctant readers
  • Ongoing assessment enables you to adjust pacing, provide immediate feedback and offer meaningful reinforcement
  • Built-in management rewards hard work and creates enthusiasm by showing students how much they have improved

Corrective Reading B1 Comprehension develops skills your students need to construct meaning from context based texts and learn new information efficiently.