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Conners Continuous Performance Test 3 (CPT 3)

Author(s): C. Keith Conners
Publisher: MHS, 2014


Purpose: Assesses attention-related problems

Age: 8+

Time: 14 minutes

Format: Software

The Conners Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition (Conners CPT 3) uses a task-orientated computerised system to visually assess attention-related problems by indexing the respondent’s performance in four areas: attentiveness, impulsivity, sustained attention and vigilance. Thus, the Conners CPT 3 can be useful to the process of diagnosing Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and other neurological conditions related to attention.

During the 14 minute, 360 -trial administration, respondents are required to respond when any letter, except "X", appears.

The Conners CPT 3 is available as an unlimited use program.

New features of the Conners CPT-3

  • Revised paradigm: New ratio of non-targets (the letter X) to targets (all other letters) to improve the test’s sensitivity to impulsivity problems
  • Enhanced look and feel of the program designed to reduce glare and reflection on computer or laptop monitors
  • New Scores and Score Dimensions of Attention Measured: (Inattentiveness, Impulsivity, Sustained Attention, Vigilance (new))
  • New easy to understand clinical likelihood statements are based on T-scores and displayed as very high, high, moderate, or minimal

Conners CPT 3 Sample Report

System Requirements

  • Intel Core i3 or equivalent performance
  • 2 GB of Ram
  • Windows XP or higher
  • 1 USB port

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Author(s): C. Keith Conners