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Children’s Psychological Processes Scale - Normative Update (CPPS-NU)

Author(s): Milton J. Dehn
Publisher: Schoolhouse Educational Services


Purpose: The assessment of psychological processes in children referred for a specific learning disability (SLD) evaluation

Age: 5-18 years 11 months

Time: 15 minutes

Format: Online

The Children’s Psychological Processes Scale - Normative Update (CPPS-NU) is a web-based teacher rating scale designed to assess psychological processes related to academic learning in children ages 5 through 12 years.

The main function of the CPPS is to facilitate the identification of psychological processing deficits in children referred for a learning disability evaluation. It is also suitable for screening and measuring response to interventions.

Normative Update

The CPPS-NU was normed on a sample of 1,321 children from communities in 31 US states. The sample’s demographics closely match those of the U.S. population. For the five normative age groups, the internal consistency reliability coefficients of the subscales range from .81 to .98 with the majority greater than .90. Validity support comes from high correlations with measures of processing skills, cognitive skills, and achievement, as well as factor analytic and developmental evidence.

The CPPS consists of 121 items divided among 11 subscales.


  1. Attention
  2. Auditory Processing
  3. Executive Functions
  4. Fine Motor
  5. Fluid Reasoning
  6. Long-Term Recall
  7. Oral Language
  8. Phonological Processing
  9. Processing Speed
  10. Visual-Spatial Processing
  11. Working Memory

The items describe academically related, psychological processing difficulties that can readily be observed by classroom teachers.

The ratings are compiled to generate a report that is free with the purchase of rating forms. The reports include a brief narrative, a graph, a table of scores, and a discrepancy table for determining intra-individual strengths and weaknesses.

CPPS-NU Sample Report

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Author(s): Milton J. Dehn