Child Behaviour Checklist & Related Materials (CBCL)

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Author: Thomas M Achenbach 
Publisher: ASEBA 2000

The ASEBA Child Behaviour Checklist (CBCL) is a comprehensive evidence-based assessment system developed through decades of research and practical experience. The ASEBA assesses competencies, strengths, adaptive functioning, and behavioural, emotional, and social problems from age 1½ to over 90 years.

ASEBA instruments clearly document clients’ functioning in terms of both quantitative scores and individualised descriptions in respondents’ own words. Descriptions include what concerns respondents most about the clients, the best things about clients, and details of competencies and problems that are not captured by quantitative scores alone.

The individualised descriptive data, plus competence, strengths, adaptive, and problem scores, facilitate comprehensive, in-depth assessment. Numerous studies demonstrate significant associations between ASEBA scores and both diagnostic and special-education classifications.

The ASEBA CBCL is widely used in mental health services; schools; medical settings; child and family services; multicultural assessment; public health agencies; child guidance; training; and research.

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