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Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) 1.5-5 Forms (pkg 50)

Author(s): Thomas M. Achenbach
Publisher: ASEBA, 2000
SKU code: 113QS
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The Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1.5-5 (CBCL 1.5-5) obtains parents', day-care providers', and teachers' ratings of 99 problem items plus descriptions of problems, disabilities, respondent concerns about the child, and the best things about the child.

The Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) 1.5-5 Forms are completed by parents or parent surrogates. It requests demographic information about the child, asks respondents to indicate their name and relationship to the child (mother, father, foster parent etc.), and the respondents occupation (optional).

The respondent will rate 99 problem items as 0 for not true, 1 for somewhat or sometimes true and 2 for very true or often true based on the preceding two months. For several items, respondents are asked to provide descriptions of the problems.

After all the items have been rated, there are open-ended items that ask the respondent to describe any illnesses or disabilities that the child has, what concerns the respondent about the child, and what they believe are the best things about the child.

Pages 3 and 4 of the CBCL 1.5-5 Form include the Language Development Survey (LDS). It is recommended the LDS be completed by all parents of children under 3, or those over 3 with suspected language delays.

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Author(s): Thomas M. Achenbach