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Child Abuse and Child Abusers

Protection and Prevention
Author(s): Lorraine Waterhouse
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Based on a combination of research and practice, this book provides a picture of the success, fairness and significance of child protection services for children, parents and professionals. It is divided into two parts. The first half approaches the problem of child abuse through the different perspectives of those affected. First hand accounts from abused children and young people, from parents on the receiving end of investigation and from professionals evaluating parenting are critically reported.

Information on the characteristics of men and young people who sexually abused children and the origins of exploitative sexuality are discussed. The second half gives the reader direct access to reviews of how professionals are responding or failing to respond to child abuse and the debates which follow. The authors provide information on interdisciplinary collaboration, the changing legal context, the benefits and shortcomings of prevention and self help and ask whether child protection services discriminate against the poor.

Author(s): Lorraine Waterhouse