Career Thoughts Inventory (CTI)

Author(s) : James P. Sampson Jr. et al.

Publisher : PAR, 1996


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Purpose: Assist in career problem solving and decision making

Age: 17-83 years

Time: 7-15 minutes

Administration: Individual and group

The Career Thoughts Inventory (CTI) is a 48-item self-administered and objectively scored assessment designed to identify individuals who would benefit from counselling assistance and pinpoint the nature of their career problems.

It helps individuals to identify, challenge, and alter negative career thoughts that interfere with effective career decision making.

Clients complete the CTI Test Booklet, which yields a CTI Total score (single global indicator of negative thinking in career problem solving and decision making) as well as scores on 3 construct scales:

  1. Decision Making Confusion: Inability to initiate or sustain the decision making process as a result of disabling emotions and/or a lack of understanding about the decision-making process itself
  2. Commitment Anxiety: Inability to make a commitment to a specific career choice, accompanied by generalised anxiety about the outcome of the decision-making process that perpetuates the indecision
  3. External Conflict: Inability to balance the importance of one's own self-perceptions with the importance of input from significant others, resulting in a reluctance to assume responsibility for decision making

A supplementary learning resource, the CTI Workbook helps clients to understand the nature of their negative thoughts as well as how much help they are likely to need in order to make effective use of career services.

The CTI can be administered and scored online via PARiConnect.

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James P. Sampson Jr. et al.

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