Author(s) : C. Keith Conners, Drew Erhardt and Elizabeth Sparrow

Publisher : MHS, 1999

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The Conners' Adult ADHD Rating Scales (CAARS) measures the presence and severity of ADHD symptoms in adults 18 years and over, and assists clinicians to determine whether or not ADHD is a contributing factor to a client's difficulties.

Suitable for clinical and correctional settings, the CAARS scales quantitatively measure ADHD symptoms across clinically significant domains, while examining the manifestations of those symptoms.

The CAARS consists of a self-report (client) form (CAARS-S) and an observer (family/peer/supervisory) form (CAARS-O). Both forms have a long, short and screening version available.

The CAARS Kit includes:

  • CAARS Manual
  • 25 CAARS-S Long Quickscore Forms
  • 25 CAARS-S Short Quickscore Forms
  • 25 CAARS-S Screening Quickscore Forms
  • 25 CAARS-O Long Quickscore Forms
  • 25 CAARS-O Short Quickscore Forms
  • 25 CAARS-O Screening Quickscore Forms
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C. Keith Conners, Drew Erhardt and Elizabeth Sparrow

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