BPI Handscorable Answer Sheet (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Douglas N. Jackson

Publisher : Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc., 1996

SKU : 600BAP

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The Basic Personality Inventory (BPI) is a personality assessment intended for use with clinical and normal populations to identify sources of maladjustment and personal strengths. The BPI can be used with both adolescents and adults, and can be completed in half the time of other measures of psychopathology.

The BPI Handscorable Answer Sheet can be used for administration with Adolescents and Adults. The BPI items are presented to the respondent via the Reusable Test Booklet, and they then mark their responses on the BPI Handscorable Answer Sheet.

The Answer Sheets are handscored using the specific profile sheets.

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Douglas N. Jackson

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