Behaviour Exchange System Training (BEST)

A Program for Parents Stressed by Adolescent Substance Abuse

ISBN13 : 9780864313362

Author(s) : Anne Blyth, John Bamberg and John Toumbourou

Publisher : ACER Press, 2000


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The Behavioural Exchange Systems Training (BEST) program is a 'how-to' guide for counsellors dealing with families touched by substance abuse.

Based on a nine-step intervention program developed by the three therapist-authors, BEST offers strategies for helping parents cope with their child's substance abuse. With its foundation in real-world practice, BEST is a highly useful resource for reducing stresses in families where there is substance abuse.

BEST consists of eight sessions that cover:

  • Group introduction
  • Substance abuse and the family
  • Adolescent development
  • Choices, responsibility and consequences
  • Encouraging responsible adolescents
  • Implementing family change strategies
  • Group completion and future planning
  • Follow-up
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Anne Blyth, John Bamberg and John Toumbourou