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Batelle Developmental Inventory (BDI-2)

Author(s): Jean Newborg
Publisher: Riverside Publishing, 2005
SKU code: PG_XQ


Purpose: To screen, diagnosis and evaluate early development

Age: Birth to 7.11 years

Time: Full BDI: 1-2 hours; Screening Test: 10-30 minutes

The Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI-2) is based on the concept of milestones. That is, a child typically develops by attaining critical skills or behaviours in a certain sequence, and the acquisition of each skill generally depends upon the acquisition of the preceding skills.

The BDI-2 can be administered to children with various handicapping conditions by using stated modifications.

The BDI-2 is ideal for several uses:

  • Identification of Children with Disabilities
  • Speech/Language impairments and delays
  • Social/Emotional developmental delays
  • Cognitive delays and mental retardation
  • Motoric impairments and delays
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Hearing impairment and deafness
  • Other health impairments
  • Evaluation of Groups of Children with disabilities in Early Education Programs
  • Assessment of the Typically developing Child
  • Assessment (Screening) for school readiness
  • Program evaluation for accountability

Key Features

  • Child-friendly manipulatives for all ages
  • New comprehensive norms, sensitive to the rapid development of children
  • Clear, comprehensive scripted Interview items with follow-up probes designed to provide complete information of the child's development
  • Flexible administration allows for use by a team of professionals
  • Expanded range of items in all Domains to measure development from birth to 7 years 11 months

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Author(s): Jean Newborg