BAS-3 Kit

ISBN13 : 9780708720080

Author(s) : Colin D. Elliot and Pauline Smith

Publisher : GL Assessment, 2011

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The British Ability Scales-Third Edition (BAS-3) is a comprehensive and flexible battery for assessing children's current intellectual functioning, from the ages of 3-17.

Comprising of 20 shorts tests, each measuring particular types of knowledge, thinking and/or skills, the BAS-3 is unique in the range of measurement facilities it offers and the variety of scales it includes. It allows an efficient and reliable assessment in 30-45 minutes (depending on the child).

BAS3 Scoring and Reporting Service - free with the Complete Kit

With the introduction of the BAS-3 Scoring and Reporting Service (SRS), the conversion of BAS-3 scores is made quicker, easier and less prone to errors, with the added benefit of automatic reporting. All BAS-3 customers who purchase the Complete Kit will receive FREE access to the BAS-3 Scoring and Reporting Service.

The SRS replaces the normative tables that could be previously found in the BAS II manuals. For customers who prefer to complete scoring by hand, all the tables needed for scoring BAS-3 are provided in the SRS in downloadable format. These can be printed off or saved onto a computer.

The SRS will provide a Results Summary Report, which is a precise and clear report showing basic scores and comparisons.

BAS-3 Early Years Results Summary Sample Report

BAS-3 School Age Results Summary Sample Report

The BAS-3 Kit includes:

  • Administration and Scoring Manual
  • Technical Manual
  • Stimulus Booklets for relevant Scales (6)
  • Stimulus Items for each Scale
  • 10 Early Years Record Booklets
  • 10 School Age Record Booklets
  • 10 Diagnostic Scales Record Booklets
  • 10 Spelling Worksheets
  • 10 Number Worksheets
  • 10 Quantitative Reasoning A Booklets
  • 10 Speed of Information Processing A Booklets
  • 10 Speed of Information Processing B Booklets
  • 10 Speed of Information Processing C Booklets
  • Response Cards
  • Stimulus Cards
  • Word Reading Card A & B
  • Scoring Overlays
  • Pad of A6 Copying Paper (100 sheets)
  • Free access to the BAS-3 Scoring and Reporting Service

All materials are contained in a bag.

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