BabyCues® DVD (Updated Cover Art)

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The BabyCues® series help parents, home visitors and other caregivers be more "tuned in" to their infant and young child's feelings by learning to understand and respond to their behavioral cues.

The BabyCues® DVD is a 20 minute DVD which shows examples of cues, engaging and disengaging, as well as examples of how cues often cluster around hunger or satiation. Sleep states and levels of alertness which also impact the caregiving environment are shown.

Learning and interpreting these cues is presented from an attachment theory base and will assist the caregiver or parent in providing a nurturing environment for babies and young children.

Viewing the BabyCues® DVD and practicing with the Baby Cues Cards can help parents and other caregivers gain confidence, improve their caregiving skills and ultimately enhance the relationship with the baby or young child in their life.

The BabyCues® DVD is a fantastic resource for parents and professionals who work with new or expectant parents.

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