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Auditory Communication for Deaf Children

A guide for teachers, parents and health professionals
ISBN13: 9781742860206
Author(s): Norman P. Erber
Publisher: ACER Press, 2011
SKU code: A5238BK
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Auditory Communication for Deaf Children shows adults how to become better communicators in order to help hearing-impaired children maximise their listening skills, and develop their spoken language and conversational competence.

The book serves as a guide to intervention and practice for teachers, parents, speech pathologists, audiologists and other health professionals. It contains basic activities for listening practice, and provides methods for adaptive auditory assessment, conversation-based therapy, telephone-communication training and self-help communication strategies for hearing-impaired children. The use of a hearing-loss simulator to develop speech and language clarity in communication partners is also discussed.

The therapeutic methods presented are founded upon evidence-based research, as well as practical experience obtained in pre-schools, classrooms, clinics and parent-advisory centres.

Main topics covered include:

  • Adult-child interaction
  • Observation of communication behaviour
  • Adaptation to the child's abilities
  • Listening tasks that challenge the child
  • Effective communication strategies.

References supporting the literature are provided throughout the text.

Author(s): Norman P. Erber
About the Author(s):

Norman P. Erber is a researcher and academic with 40 years' experience in the education and rehabilitation of children and adults with impaired hearing. He has developed many auditory assessment and therapy procedures, as well as training methods for parents and teachers, and has achieved international acclaim as the creator of the hearing-loss simulator.