Astronaut Invented Spelling Test-2 (AIST-2)

Author(s) : Roslyn Neilson

Publisher : Roslyn Neilson, 2014

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Range: Primary school aged children

Administration:10 minutes, paper-based -individual and group

Purpose: To test phonemic awareness and early development of the knowledge of spelling patterns

The Astronaut Invented Spelling Test-2 (AIST-2) measures phonemic awareness via spelling attempts, using familiar words that are unlikely to have been learned on spelling lists. It also provides information about emerging orthographic awareness.

Designed by Roslyn Neilson, creator of the Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test Revised (SPAT-R) and the School Entry Alphabetic and Phonological Awareness Readiness Test (SEAPART) assessment, the AIST-2 uses Australian norms and is suitable for students from the middle of the First Year of Schooling up to mid-Year 3. It is quick and easy to administer, and can be given to whole classes or individuals in ten minutes.

The AIST-2 Manual comes with a USB that includes PDFs for printing test forms and other consumables, a spreadsheet to facilitate scoring and reporting and a video demonstration of the assessment.

Key Features:

  • Australian norms provided for the first four years of formal schooling
  • Manual provides extensive suggestions for intervention on basis of test results.
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Dr Roslyn Neilson is a speech pathologist with extensive experience in research, teaching, and clinical practice in the area of children's literacy.

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