Aston Index

Author(s) : Margaret Newton

Publisher : LDA, 2003

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Assessment Range: 5 to 14 years of age

Administration: Paper-based, individual and group

Purpose: Classroom test for screening and diagnosis of language difficulties.

The Aston Index consists of 17 sub-tests, the use of which will indicate the nature of an individual child's learning potential for literacy. The subtest scores yield a 'profile' from which a teacher can perceive the levels of 'readiness' for learning; and which sub-skills and abilities will need special help in teaching.

Using the Aston Index, you will build up a complete profile of your student's ability and attainment in different skill areas. It offers a thorough understanding of the needs and difficulties of individual children and a sound base for planning a programme of remedial work.

Key Features

  • 16 tests covering visual and auditory discrimination, motor coordination, written language, reading and spelling, as well as general underlying ability and attainment
  • Can be used to indicate the particular learning pattern of the child and identify specific types of learning patterns
  • Identifies children with special educational needs, language difficulties, auditory and visual perception difficulties, graphic difficulties, and specific dificulties in reading, writing and spelling fluency
  • The kit contains a 17 page handbook, spiral bound test card book (contains 17 tests), additional support material, resource CD, glash cards and 30 scoresheets.
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Margaret Newton

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